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Stay warm this winter with MD Electrical and the Economy 7

Are you considering having your storage heater serviced or replaced? Why not contact MD Electrical and ask us about the new Economy 7 Storage Heaters? Whether its just the unit itself you are interested or a full installation; don't hesitate to contact our fully insured and NICEIC accredited team today.

What is Economy 7?

Our Storage Heater services are available throughout Slough, London, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire and all of our services are available for private or commercial clients.


Whether you want to ensure your home is kept warm and comfortable this winter, or if your looking to replace the heating system you have - contact MD Electrical for expertly fitted storage heaters today.

To find out about our Storage Heater services; call today on:

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As well as storage heating systems, we provide a full range of electrical services including electrical installations and testing, fire alarms and more. Contact us today to find out more.

This is why it is called "Economy 7" as for 7 hours every night you are charged less for your electricity usage.


If your unsure whether or not you already have an Economy 7 setup; simply check your electricity bill. With an Economy 7 at your home you would see different rates on your electricity bill; one for daytime usage and one for night time usage.

If you produce your own electricity with Solar Panels at your home; an Economy 7 Storage Heater is the ideal heating solution for you. The Economy 7 Storage Heater uses the electricity that your solar panels accumulate throughout the day to effectively "charge" the storage heater, to then reuse this stored electricity throughout the night. Potentially reducing the cost of your energy bill substantially.

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